Private lesson with Snow-Academy

Private lessons are available each and every day.

Meeting points can be arranged to suit your personal requirements, either on the mountain or in town!
You will be taught by the highest qualified ski and snowboard instructors, which will ensure that your progress will be safe and fast. A private instructor will not only perfect your technique, but will also guide you throughout the Kitzbühler Alps to find those hidden gems. Even those coming back to sking after a break will quickly find their form and develop new techniques enabling them to once again enjoy the mountain and have great fun. Regardless whether you are a beginner or an expert, our instructors will help you to develop your skill and take you to the next level. Not only will we provide you with the most advanced teaching methods, but we will also be using our state of the art video equipment to aid your understanding of new techniques and ultimately enhance your progression.

Many of our instructors are booked many months in advance by our regular guests who book for the whole week. So an early booking is recommend so we can reserve our instructors for you.


Prices private lesson: